The Tyrannosaurus Dinozord was piloted by the original Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott . It is hidden underground and rises up through a fissure. The only bipedal and melee capable Dinozord, it occasionally fights on its own and is capable of singlehandedly defeating an opponent. Independently, its capabilities include a prehensile tail that can swing at enemies (either to swipe an opponent's chest or trip them), or allow it to gain a height advantage so it can jump-kick a foe with its knees (against the Dragonzord in " Green with Evil ", and against Spidertron with less success). It also has ranged weapons which are not frequently used; there is a cannon in its throat that can be fired into the ground and cause a huge tornado,[2] and its eyes can fire powerful laser beams.


  • Length: 45m
  • Height: 27m
  • Weight: 96 tons
  • Speed: 120

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