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The list of episodes of the first season of Power Rangers' Mighty Morphin series which ran from 1993 to 1994.

The first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was adapted from the 16th entry of the Super Sentai series, Kyoryo Sentai Zyuranger (Dinosaur Squadron Zyuranger), which was used in Day of the Dumpster to Doomsday . After "Doomsday", the series exhausted all of Zyuranger's original existing footage as Saban and Toei teamed up to create new Zyuranger footage entitled "Zyu2" (according to the fans) for the rest of this season until early season 2 (adapted from Gosei Sentai Dairanger ) a half year later.

Power Rangers debuted on August 28, 1993 and season 1 ended on May 23, 1994 with a total of 60 episodes.

Season 1 (first half)Edit

This is a full list of MMPR s1 episodes that contained footage of all 50 Zyuranger episodes until "Doomsday".

  1. Day of the Dumpster
  2. High Five
  3. Teamwork
  4. A Pressing Engagement
  5. A Different Drum
  6. Food FIght
  7. Big Sisters
  8. I, Eye Guy
  9. For Whom the Bell Trolls
  10. Happy Birthday, Zack
  11. No Clowning Around
  12. Power Ranger Punks
  13. Peace, Love and Woe
  14. Foul Play in the Sky
  15. Dark Warrior
  16. Switching Places
  17. Green With Evil, Pt. I: Out of Control
  18. Green With Evil, Pt. II: Jason's Battle
  19. Green With Evil, Pt. III: The Rescue
  20. Green With Evil, Pt. IV: Eclipsing Megazord
  21. Green With Evil, Pt. V: Breaking the Spell
  22. The Trouble With Shellshock
  23. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  24. The Spit Flower
  25. Life's A Masquerade
  26. Gung Ho!
  27. Wheel of Misfortune
  28. Island of Illusion, Pt. I
  29. Island of Illusion, Pt. II
  30. The Rockstar
  31. Calamity Kimberly
  32. A Star is Born
  33. The Yolk's On You!
  34. The Green Candle, Pt. I
  35. The Green Candle, Pt. II
  36. Birds of a Feather
  37. Clean-Up Club
  38. A Bad Reflection on You
  39. Doomsday, Pt. I
  40. Doomsday, Pt. II

Season 1 (Post Zyu-Based)Edit

  1. Rita's Seed of Evil
  2. A Pig Surprise
  3. Something Fishy
  4. Lions & Blizzards
  5. Crystal of Nightmares

Season 1 (Second Half)Edit

Featuring Saban/Toei's Zyu2 footage.

  1. To Flea or Not to Flea
  2. Reign of the Jellyfish
  3. Plague of the Mantis
  4. Return of an Old Friend, Pt. I
  5. Return of an Old Friend, Pt. II
  6. Grumble Bee
  7. Two Heads are Better Than One
  8. Foul Play
  9. Trick or Treat
  10. Second Chance
  11. On Fins and Needles
  12. Enter... The Lizzinator
  13. Football Season
  14. Mighty Morphin Mutants
  15. An Oyster Stew

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