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The original 1993-1995 logo.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (abbreviated as MMPR) is an American live-action children's television series, the first installment and series of Saban's long-running and iconic Power Rangers franchise. The series is mainly based on the 16th installment of the Japanese Super Sentai franchise Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger (for season 1), while season 2 and season 3 took on footage, costumes, props and elements from two other shows of the Super Sentai series following Zyuranger, in Power Rangers' cases- Gosei Sentai Dairanger and Ninja Sentai Kakuranger .

Both the show and its related merchandise saw unbridled overnight success, catapulting into pop culture in mere months.[4][5][6][7] Under the original name Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the series ran from 1993 to 1995 and spawned the feature film Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie , which was released on June 30, 1995 with a strong and successful box office performance. The second and third seasons of the show drew on footage and elements from Dairanger and kakuranger respectively, though the Zyuranger costumes were still used for the five main Rangers and several regular villains. Only the mecha and the Kiba Ranger costume (worn by the White Ranger) were retained from Dairanger for the second season, while only the mecha from Kakuranger were featured in the third season. However the five Kakuranger costumes were later used for the title characters of the mini-series Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers . The series was produced by MMPR Productions, distributed by Saban Entertainment, and aired on Fox Kids. The show's merchandise was produced and distributed by Bandai Entertainment.

In 1996, the series was rebranded as the Power Rangers franchise; renaming the series every year after and using costumes, props, and footage from subsequent Super Sentai series, as well as changing the cast and storyline. While an overarching storyline would continue until Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, subsequent series after MMPR are not sequels or spin-offs in the traditional sense.

In 2010, a re-version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, with a new logo, comic book-referenced graphics, and extra alternative special effects, was broadcast on ABC Kids, and Bandai produced brand new toys to coincide with the series.

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