The animal which Green Ranger gets his powers from is known as "Dragonzord". Residing in the depths of a


harbor just off Angel Grove's shipping district, the Dragonzord is inextricably linked to the Dragon Power Coin. When Rita uses that coin to infuse Tommy Oliver with the powers of the Green Ranger, it gives him access to the Dragonzord. It is summoned via the Dragon Dagger, an enchanted flute which also controls the Zord's attacks. More often than not, the Green Ranger stays outside of the Dragonzord's cockpit and controls it remotely using the dagger. On the rare occasions when Tommy does enter the cockpit, however, he is shown to have a greater control on the Dragonzord.

The Dragonzord is quite versatile in battle. Its primary attacks includes a set of missiles that launch from its fingertips, along with a massive prehensile tail complete with a high-speed drill on its end. The red lights on its chestplate light up when one of these attacks are imminent. Despite its power, however, the
Dragonzord rarely initiates combat or defeats an opponent on its own, also it usually only fights new monsters and not recurring enemies.[9] Rather, the Dragonzord enters the battle when the other Zords are in danger, whether to aid Megazord, or assist the individual Dinozords, and/or form one of the other Zord combinations. In terms of size comparisons, the Dragonzord is taller than the Tyrannosaurus and roughly the same height as the Megazord. Lastly, due to its aquatic origins, Dragonzord operates well underwater.[7]

The Dragonzord is the only Zord not to receive an upgrade like the rest of the Dinozord due to the Green Ranger's weak powers, though Tommy is able to summon it and became the Thunder Megazord's "back-up" in a few occasions, aiding the Rangers against monsters such Primator and Turbanshell. Unlike most of the other Zords of MMPR, the Dragonzord's destruction was never shown onscreen and it most likely remains dormant in the Power Rangers universe. In Season Three, the Ninja and Shogun Ultrazords also featured the Dragonzord's chestplate at the front of Titanus.

Trivia NoteEdit

Notably, the Dragonzord is quite similar to Godzilla both in appearance, the fact that just like Godzilla, the Dragonzord also rises from the sea and on its initial appearance (and two subsequent ones) it goes on a Godzilla-style rampage. Indeed, the Guardian Beast Dragon Caesar from Zyuranger was specifically designed as a direct tribute to the famous Japanese monster, but this is obviously not referenced in either Zyuranger or MMPR. In addition to that, the finger-missiles used by the Dragonzord mimic those of Mechagodzilla.


  • Length: 62 meters
  • Height: 38 m
  • Weight: 170 tons
  • Speed: 140

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